Transneft-Service Conducts Operation to Rescue Yacht in Port of Primorsk

Date of publication: 20 August 2019

Specialists of Transneft-Service have conducted an operation to rescue a party boat with people in the Bjorkosund Strait (the Gulf of Finland).

On 17 August 2019 at 11:45 p.m. (Moscow time), an inspector for vessel traffic management system (VTMS) of the port of Primorsk captain’s division sent a message to the port of Primorsk to a shift of PERT (Professional Emergency Rescue Team) of the Emergency Rescue Preparedness Department of Transneft-Service that was on duty. He said that the party boat Koktebel took the ground with five people on the board in the Bjorkosund Strait in the area of buoy No.8 to the west of FV navigating channel No.5 on Banka Verkkomatala. There was a threat of loss of tightness of the yacht’s hull because of it having hit underwater rocks in rough sea and being subsequently flooded. The situation was rather complicated due to the incident happening in the nighttime.

The following forces of the branch of Transneft-Service in the port of Primorsk were sent to provide support to the vessel taking the ground: Krechet-2 workboat, the Tyumen boom carrying boat and the Diraks sea tug boat. At 01:20 a. m. (Moscow time) on 18 August 2019, the forces of the involved units of Transneft-Service’s fleet refloated the Koktebel yacht and led it to a safe place.

Thanks to the coordinated and skillful actions of the crews of the emergency response vessels of the PERT branch of Transneft-Service in the port of Primorsk, the threat of flooding of the Koktebel yacht was prevented. None of the persons on the board of the yacht were injured.